Are You Ready for Trumpageddon?

By David Ramírez


I began writing an article with this title back at the beginning of the year while the Republican nominee was not yet picked. I did not finish it, because Trump proved to be moving the country on a roller-coaster, and nobody knew what was going to come out on the other side. Now, just three days before the election, we know what has come out. This piece is my impression what his candidacy has done to the U.S., and where it might take it. Sorry if this will sound like a lot of rambling and venting, or lacks any structure, but as I said, these are my impressions and it will not follow any particular order. It is just for my record keeping.

When I first saw Trump announce his candidacy and vent his racist diatribe, I thought he was not going to get any far, but did not laugh it off. He was expressing some real sentiments held by a certain sector of the population, so I just kept my eye on him. I was not laughing either when the media was trying to make a clown of him, without paying attention to the electorate that was getting behind him. Back in October-November, my brother and mom asked me what I thought of Trump. They were laughing, just like the rest of liberals. I told them he had a very good possibility to rise to the top of the ticket; I was still skeptic he was going to get the nomination, but I did not yet rule it out.

Is he really racist, isn’t he racist? Who cares! What I cared about is that some of the people who got behind him were really racists, and Trump was opening a Pandora Box by legitimizing their hate. I was not afraid of Trump, but the people who supported him.

Then he flushed the other Republican candidates down the drain, and then no one really was laughing anymore—specially the GOP.

Then there was Hillary. I was not happy about her either. The fact that she is a woman and may be out first woman-president in U.S. history is immaterial to me. What you have between your legs does not matter much when your political agenda is pretty much NOT that helpful for the lower and middle classes, and you are out to make more wars. Not precisely feminine attributes. In other words, keep the same status quo we’ve had for the past 30 years. That is Hillary for you in a nutshell. And if you believe all that nonsense of her promising to help Main Street, you believed that with Obama, and tell me, exactly where are we now?

Some may think I am exaggerating, but picking between Trump and Hillary is the same as picking a poison that gives you a fast and excruciatingly painful death, and another one that gives you a painless and slow death—at least with the second choice we may have time to create an antidote.

I had a dim hope Bernie Sanders would become the candidate for the Democrats, even though he is still a war hawk like Hillary and the rest of mental gnomes in Washington. But that hope fizzled pretty quickly when it became obvious he was not going for the kill. The Bernie Revolution will not happen even if Hillary wins. It will be buried just as they did with the Occupy Wall Street movement. Don’t remember what that is? Please google it.

So back to Trump’s electorate. Part are angry, part are stupid, part are sad imitations of human beings who think of a glorious past built on fear and repression for the benefit of one demographic alone, at the expense of other ones. Yes, I am speaking of WASP men hoarding it all, while keeping all the brown people and human beings with vaginas (i.e. women) under their thumbs.

Don’t blame the angry and stupid ones. The angry are upset for good reasons, all of which have to do with a system that has been conspiring to take things away from them, mainly their jobs and with that their dignity and possibility for a better future. The stupid ones, well, this is ‘Umerica, where education to make people think on their own is not really the U.S. forte.

Worry for the sad imitations of human beings (i.e. Troglodytes from hereon), who hold beliefs which are irrational, vengeful, and are soaked with a sense of absolute patriarchy and want for domination than can put Hitler to shame.

A lot of people do not know this, but the U.S. has been having a growth of paramilitary groups, armed to the teeth, for the past 20 years which hold a lot of hate ideologues. They have become an attraction to disgruntled WASP citizens, and their numbers have been growing. And with the way the ambers have been heating up thanks to Trump, they can inflict quite a bit of damage whether Trump or Hillary win. Either way, they represent a danger to the stability of this country.

What if only 19% of White voters above the age of 35 are all they have as a demographic. Look at the Muslim world, especially Syria and Iraq. Muslim terrorists only represent 1% of the entire Muslim population, and see the havoc they’ve created.

Heck, the richest of the rich One-Percent is all it took to drive the U.S. economy down to the ground.

What if Trump cannot govern without Congress and the Senate on his side? We’re protected by our Check and Balances, political oversight and whatever institutions you think form the bedrock of our representative democracy. Boo-hoo. All that can come down faster than a house of cards with bullying and intimidation, which Trump has proven himself very capable of doing.

Look at Weimar Germany before the rise of Hitler, the most “educated and cultured” country at the time. Angry voters took Hitler to power, and he took all power into his own hands by creating death squads and eliminating any threats, leading Germany to the morass of moral decrepitude and death that it became. Don’t know anything about it? Google it!!

Don’t rest on your laurels. Oh, and don’t think for a moment that such will never happen in ‘Umerica, for those of you that still reel about how such thing happened in Germany. You’re living it in your own flesh as it is happening, and still cannot realize it.

For those who are happy that Trump may upend the entire system, ok, go right ahead and vote for Trump, or glee if he wins. I am sure you will enjoy him throwing the country into a tailspin, having you loose your job, your security and maybe even your life. Good riddens!!

I voted for Hillary with my Absentee Ballot already, and I am already feeling the same remorse as when I felt for having voted for Bush for his first term in 2000, only to have him launch a war that is yet to end, which spiraled into a worldwide catastrophe on so many levels.

I felt guilty for 3 years until I was able to vote against him the next term, but the damage was already done. Then came Obama, and I knew he did not offer much hope, him being a Clintonian democrat and all. For all tense and purposes, he could have been called Bush II.

During all this time, we went to and continued a war(s) under false pretenses, more economic power became concentrated at the top, and the seed of hate was planted—all of which rolled out the base that Trump is now enjoying.

But those were different times, and any average Republican or Democrat is far more reasonable than what Trump could ever be. So having a protest vote, or not to have voted at all, really would not have made much difference in the direction of the country. But we are not living those times when we could be protesting or complacent at the ballot booth. In 2016, voting does really matters.

The optimist in me trusts that the vast majority of U.S. citizens are good and decent people who believe in the ideals on which the country was founded. The skeptic in me, however, thinks that those very people don’t have the drive or want to make a decision—whatever that may be—that will drive them to the voting booths to vote in such number that will avoid a Trump presidency. The pessimist in me thinks that a Trump presidency is a very good possibility, because the people who support Trump have the drive and the determination.

And even if Trump loses, my pessimist side thinks the hatred he has legitimized has been the sufficient spark to light the powdered keg. We will not have to worry for those Mexican “rapist, murderers, drug dealers” and Muslims radicals anymore, but the very home grown WASP Troglodyte terrorists that have been on the making quite some time.

Whatever the outcome, be ready for Trumpageddon.


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